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Shop our stunning glass awards! A more economical alternative to crystal, glass still exudes class and distinction due to its impressive weight. Most glass has a rich jade hue. Alternatively, “clear glass” which is more expensive and less common than jade glass, typically has a more subtle, blueish tint.

Jade glass receives its color due to the presence of iron. On thinner glass items such as the Beveled Curved Glass, the jade color is less noticeable, but the color becomes more pronounced on thicker awards like the Precision Summit.

Sand Blasting/Etching

We exclusively use sand blasting/etching to personalize our glass awards and gifts. Other companies use laser engraving on glass because it is faster and less expensive. However, laser engraving on glass produces micro-fractures within the glass which can cause letters to appear fuzzy or even flake off. Sand etching allows us to achieve smooth and deep personalization which increases the perceived value of glass. Furthermore, sand etching produces text which appears frosted white in color. Sand etching on glass is typically easier to read than sand etching on crystal because the jade hue of glass provides greater contrast than clear crystal.

Unlike crystal which is typically manufactured overseas, we feature USA made glass from one of our favorite lines in our Glassplax catalog. We also have the capability to produce custom shapes using jade glass and clear glass domestically. This dramatically decreases production time and provides greater quality control. For more information on custom awards, please view our Custom Awards page or call us to discuss any questions you may have.

The glass awards shown above are a few of the glass awards we offer.

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