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Prestige, Luxury, Brilliance – these are just a few of the words our clients use to describe our optic crystal awards.

What is optic crystal?

That is an excellent question! Optic crystal is a form of glass. Optic crystal is manufactured without lead which improves the hardness of the crystal, making it ideal for personalization. Known for its impressive clarity, sparkle, and weight, optic crystal is one of the premier materials used for high-end awards. Although traditionally clear, crystal colors such as blue, red, green, and black have increased in popularity.

Our Personalization Process

To enhance the exceptional beauty of optic crystal, we use a personalization process called sand etching or sand blasting. For each piece of optic crystal, we create a custom stencil or mask. Using a pressurized sand gun, our expert engravers guide the sand through openings in the mask to achieve depth and dimension as they carve your sentiment into the optic crystal.

On most crystal awards measuring 1” thick or thinner, we etch on the back of the awards in reverse so that they are readable when viewed from the front. This is called reverse etching, and it gives the text the appearance that it is floating inside the award. For thicker awards, we usually etch on the front of the awards because the thickness of the awards increases light refraction and typically distorts text etched on the back.

In addition to surface etching, we also offer sub-surface etching on select awards. Available in 2-D or 3-D varieties, sub-surface etching capability has improved dramatically in the last few years. Therefore, allowing us to achieve greater etching detail than ever before. Subsurface etching typically takes three to four weeks. If you are interested in this personalization style, please call or email us to discuss your needs and expedite production.

The optic crystal awards above represent a small sample of our extensive crystal award line.

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